Wagon & Horses Mural

Mural painting 2020

In summer of 2020 I got the opportunity to paint a mural at the Wagon & Horses in Lancaster.

The mural was commissioned via King Street Studio. Myself and fellow associate artist Grace Owen offered our services. We each drew up a couple of designs based on the clients brief, following a meeting with the client these designs were then tweaked and a final design incorporating elements from both us was agreed.

We then set about preparing the surface before scaling up the design ready for painting. We chose to use Liquitex soft body paint for the mural because it has excellent colourfastness and offer great coverage. Having never used it before I was impressed by quality and the consistency of the paint.

The budget was small so careful consideration was given to colour choices and quantities before ordering. Working with a limited palette wasn’t an issue and I think it helps to create a cohesive finish. In all 10 colours were used and plenty of shades were achieved through mixing these. The brief was for bright bold colours and I think the Liquitex colours helped us deliver this.

This was a great opportunity to learn about the process of mural painting and the challenges that come with working outdoors. Being prepared with all possible materials, tools, and supplies. Simple things like making sure to have sufficient water for cleaning/rinsing and plastic wrapping to stop brushes and rollers from drying before they can be properly cleaned were valuable lessons.

The painting process (including the preparation of wall) took approximately 50 hours to complete. It was a fantastic project to be apart of and I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.

I look forward to doing more mural painting in future.

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