Helen Thompson

I’m an artist and illustrator celebrating nature through art. I create artworks that are inspired by flowers and wildlife. In each piece I aim to reflect the serenity that I feel when surrounded by nature.

Despite studying for a BA(hons) Art many years ago, I believe that I’ve learned more through exploring different media and techniques since returning to practising art in recent years than I did at university. 

As my practice has developed and I have started to exhibit and sell my work it has become important to me that I want use my work to help others.

In 2019 I received a diagnosis of Autism. Having struggled with anxiety and stress throughout my life my diagnosis came as relief and allowed me understand myself better and be more compassionate toward myself when I experience difficulties.

Creating art that supports charities improves my sense of well-being and inspires me to keep going when I’m finding things difficult. 

I hope my customers will share the pleasure I get from knowing that each sale of my art will benefit charities close to my heart, which includes charities that support the Autistic community and people with mental health issues.