Helen Thompson

I’m a visual artist based in Lancaster. My artwork is inspired by natural forms and movement. I work in a variety of media including charcoal, pastel, watercolour, and oil paint, and I enjoy using organic and gestural lines.

I studied BA(Hons) Art at Lancaster University and since returning to my art in recent years I’ve worked to push the boundaries of my fine art practice as well as develop my illustrative work. I enjoy experimenting with different materials, methods, and techniques.

In my fine art practice love bold colours – which is evident in many of my flower paintings. I like to juxtapose brightly coloured backgrounds against nature’s own colourful palette. I’m interested in depicting the luminosity, texture, and form of flowers through the impressionist and expressive application of materials.

I use a quieter approach in my illustration pieces where I mainly work in pen and ink, watercolour, and Inktense. This work is generally inspired by nature and wildlife. Again organic lines and colour play an important role in the style of my pieces.

My background as an elite gymnast has influenced and inspired my fascination with the human form and physical movement. Life drawing is an integral part of my practice and allows me to explore different aspects of drawing the human body. My figure drawing is continually evolving and I hope to gain ACE funding to develop this area of my practice over the next year.

Whether I’m observing the human form, a flower, or a landscape my intention is to express my personal response to the subject in a way that captures the aspects that initially caught my attention whether that is the line, form, colour or movement. 

In 2019 I learned that I’m neurodivergent. This led to a deeper self-understanding and increased acceptance of who I am and the barriers I face in day-to-day life. In turn, this became a catalyst for me to do more of what I love, which is creating art.