Collaborative Sketchbook with Tanya Raabe-Webber

Earlier this year I was selected by Tanya Raabe-Webber to be one of six artists to participate in her ACE funded Collaborative Sketchbook project.

Throughout the year we each created nature inspired artworks in the sketchbook and the other has then responded to that in their own addition to sketchbook. It has been an extremely interesting process, and has been a new way for to me work collaboratively. The process has been heavily visual with only the briefest of instructions about how many pages to complete each time.

My usual media of pastel would not have been suitable for this project and I have used a variety of painting mediums including acrylic and watercolour. I have also experimented with Inktense blocks which allow me use my preferred drawing techniques and then add water to create a painting.

I have enjoyed learning from Tanya’s work which has beautifully expressive marks. This has encouraged me to try and loosen up my own practice. Tanya has also encouraged me to work into her pieces which was another aspect of the process that pushed the boundaries of my work.


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